Frequently Asked Questions.

Get answers to all general questions and get additional information easily
about this website.

01. General Informations About the Store

What is Luulit FAQ?

luulit.com FAQ’s help for general questions about online store and products.For more questions, please contact us : info@luulit.com

What is luulit.com?

Luulit is an online audiobook store,where you can find audiobooks in Horror
and Science Fiction genres.Its main theme is paranormal cases based on true events,true stories,reports,cases that have occurred fiction,-non-fiction.

Luulit mainly sells products for adults. Minimum age 14 years and Up.

What is luulit.com Since?

Luulit was launched in July 2020 and is planned primarily as an audiobook sales site,but we also other products that are closely related to some examples of this popular characters in eBooks,Books,Horror-Sci-fi Masks,Movies and other accessories.

Luulit what makes it different from other audiobook websites?

With our new and unique ideas,we try to make your free time more exciting,
relaxing and the best shopping experience.What are the stories based on real life experiences,stories we prioritize luulit.com is the true paranormal stories,amazing science fiction stories audiobook site and more interesting genres and categories with scientific approach.Our other product categorizations bring the perfect experience of multiplication to your home.

02. Shipment

Only new products are sold on the website?

Yes,luulit.com only sells new products,the prices indicated apply only (just) to new products.No USED product in the sale(some products also have second-hand purchases option available at the sellers.)

The coming soon products is pre-order?

Yes,pre-order is available just click”Buy Now” button (after this, you can inform on the seller).

Have you encountered errors,or have you not received an answer to what you wanted?

The FAQ page is currently under constant expansion.This website has just started is currently being developed,but its your purchase can be quick and carefree.

We also sell products to children?

No,we(or luulit)do not sell products for children because of the main theme and content of the site, but all other category and genres is available.The age limit of our products on the market is regularly reviewed, some products are listed without age limit some examples are : board games,video games.. we have selected those that have at least 14 years and up products.


Product sales,offer

Low price and high quality products we try to recommend the right products.Low-commodity products.You can find these products by clicking on the link : 

How to buy products?


Open luulit.com homepage(as “Home“),click the menu in the top corner “Shop” option,then select a product and click “Buy Product” button(after this, you can inform on the seller).

What products are included in the recommended products?

Among our recommended products are the latest, most popular and most typical products in this website.Exciting audiobooks,spectacular horror and sci-fi masks,long playtime board games, wall arts that make your home more coloring,your needed electronics and more interesting products.

Other Products on Luulit

Among the more artistic product categories find paintings, wall arts,musical equipments,video games,microscops,teas and much more.You can easily find them if you this link

Social Media,Contact

What information can I find on our social media sites?

Our fresh, popular and best-priced products are presented,according to our ideas.

Why are there no prices for products?

Currently the product is not available (sold out,etc.).

Why are there no prices for Audiobooks?

Prices and any information are available on the seller.

What kind of products can be found on luulit.com?

Luulit is primarily an audiobook sales site, but also has other products such as Masks, Board Games,Movies,
Electronics, eBooks, Books and Wall Art.


Buy Products :

Open luulit.com homepage(as “Home”),Click the menu in the top corner “Shop” option.

Help :

Open luulit.com homepage(as “Home”),Click the menu in the top corner “FAQ” option.

03. The order

How to buy audiobooks?

Open luulit.com homepage(as “Home“),Click the menu in the top corner
“Shop” option,then select a (“Books“)categorie and product(after this,you can inform on the seller).

What is the quality of audiobooks?

Audiobooks are of High quality.

Product Replenishment

Currently a product upload is underway, for any errors (no price,description etc) ,thank you for your understanding.

04. Returns, exchanges and complaints

Can I listen to audiobooks without the Internet?

Yes,after downloading,there is no need to use the Internet.

Audiobooks are available on all devices(mobile,tablet..)?

Yes,you can find and buy audiobooks an all devices.

How many devices can listen to audiobooks?

According to our information there is no limit,for more information please visit the seller-sellers website.

Can I listen to audiobooks on multiple devices?

Yes,there is no limit.